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Washable Kitchen Rugs

Kitchen Throw Rugs



If your kitchen is like most, it is visited very often and can be one of the most dirt prone areas in your home. To move away from traditional linoleum and bare floor, a kitchen throw rug can be used.


They offer an easy way to keep your floor clean, while adding new life to your kitchen with their abundant designs and superb style.


They are typically more wear resistant than other rugs, as kitchens are high traffic areas and throw rugs will come in contact with a lot of liquids and solid particles.

kitchen throw rugThey are typically made from materials that have been hand woven into different patterns and colors to give your kitchen a colorful appearance.


The fabric is normally a durable heavy type such as wool or synthetic polypropylene, and can also include natural materials such as bamboo. Shapes vary to include square designs, rectangles, oval and even some irregular shapes.


Typically, a throw rug is similar to a runner rug in that it is usually smaller than some area rugs but they can also extend to cover an entire length of your kitchen; many small ones can even be used together to cover a larger area in your kitchen.


An important aspect to a kitchen throw rug is how easily it can be cleaned. For fabric based rugs, you should look for one that can be either thrown into a washing machine or can be hand washed outside and put on a line to dry; a.k.a. washable rugs. For more solid versions made from bamboo, simple sweeping or wiping down with a wet rag should be able to do the trick.


They should be able to withstand numerous washes with no damage to the color or fabric itself. They should also be able to withstand limited amounts of mildew and mold, as small amounts of liquids spilled in the kitchen can go unnoticed for days.

kitchen throw rugs

If decor is the most important aspect to getting a throw rug, then there are a variety of options available. Patterns vary from floral to plain and can include contemporary styles as well. Abstract patterns are also making an interesting move into the throw rug department, creating styles that add a modern flair to your floor design plans.


In comparison to softer more fluffy throw rugs for other rooms such as the bedroom, these kitchen rug models are more flat and sturdy to accommodate the messes that can originate in the kitchen more readily. They are also designed that way to make cleaning up a breeze.


Throw rugs are generally inexpensive pieces of textile floor coverings and can range in prices depending on the size and material used to make them. The designs vary greatly and can include pictures of kitchen themes that will better accent your kitchen decor.


Remember that your kitchen is a high traffic area and your kitchen throw rug needs to be made of a durable material and able to withstand constant wear, spills, dirt and washes.