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Washable Kitchen Rugs

If you're tired of the way your kitchen looks, a washable kitchen rug or two is an easy and inexpensive way to jazz it up. These easy-to-care-for rugs will add color and personality to your kitchen without making it look overdone.


Washable kitchen rugs can also be used in bigger rooms to make the area look cozier and tied together. Arrange your seating around the rugs and create an inviting place to relax. Whatever you want to do to your room, a few washable rugs can help.


For smaller rooms, a washable kitchen rug can be used to liven up the space. Use a matching set of rugs to create a theme.

For example, a rug set that’s printed with fruit or vegetables would work well in the kitchen, or you can use a nautical-themed washable kitchen rug in the bathroom.



  washable rug  washable rugs  kitchen washable rugs  kitchen washable rug



When you use them in the kitchen, they are great for absorbing those little spills, and they are also excellent at tying the whole area together in an eat-in kitchen. Washable rugs are ideal for children’s rooms as area rugs - buy some that match the other decor, or liven up a bland room with a flashier rug. Washable kitchen rugs aren’t limited to just the kitchen - they can be used anywhere!


        kitchen rugs        washable rug


Many people also put rugs at the doorway into rooms, sometimes called runner rugs, and at the front door to their home. Washable rugs protect the floor underneath them, or the carpet in a high-traffic area. If you are using them on a bare wooden or tile floor, you may want to buy rug pads that keep the rugs from skidding around. A slippery rug can be dangerous!



   washable kitchen rugs  washable kitchen rugs kitchen rugkitchen rugs



A kitchen rug can do a lot for your older or plainer carpeting. They can liven up a worn out carpet or add softness where it’s needed. Accent rugs can cover a lot of areas- in the den they are great to warm your feet, and a washable rug can feel nice under your feet when you’re doing the dishes.


The great thing about a washable kitchen rug is that you aren’t getting into a lifetime commitment. When you start to get bored with them, they can easily be moved and swapped from one room to another.  The portability of these easy-to-care for washable rugs is fantastic.



   kitchen rugwashable rugswashable kitchen rug   washable kitchen rug



Unlike carpet, which is costly to remove or change, washable kitchen rugs can be moved in minutes. And- when you move, they are easy to roll up and take with you. 


Also, these rugs are so inexpensive that most home owners can afford to buy enough to use all over the house, and even change them with the seasons.


In short, washable kitchen rug options are an easy and cheap way to spruce up not only your kitchen, but any room in your home.


They provide protection and comfort for your flooring and your feet.


What could be easier or better?

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